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PORREAL is a subsidiary of PORR AG.

As a full-service provider, the PORR Corporation manages the entire real estate life cycle on its own. Thereby, PORREAL gets actively involved in the building’s efficient conceptualisation as early as the design phase in the framework of design and construction-accompanying facility management, always focussing on operations and the building’s future users. In the usage phase, we make sure the real estate retains its value and functionality while the users can pursue their core businesses without disruptions.

Management system of PORR Group

PORR Group has a decades-long tradition of managing quality.

PORR was one of the first Austrian construction companies to introduce a certified quality management system as far back as 1995. PORR had prioritized the highest quality since its very beginnings – of course, the same applies for PORREAL, a 100 % subsidiary of PORR.  In addition to the high quality of services, the PORR Group also focuses on environmental protection, occupational health and safety.

The comprehensive assurance of quality requirements continues to be a top priority for PORR and is clearly regulated in the Corporate Policy of PORR Group.

Here you can read more about the Management System of PORR Group.



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