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Here, you can find currently vacant positions at PORREAL. In case there are no vacant positions fitting your application profile, feel free to send us your unsolicited application.

Cleaning Professionals (in and around Vienna, Styria)
Green Space Maintainer (in and around Vienna)
Facility Manager Cleaning Management (in and around Vienna, Styria)
Control Engineer (in and around Vienna)
Technical Group Leader (in and around Vienna)
Technical Object Inspector (in and around Vienna)
Electrical Engineer (in and around Vienna)
HVAC Engineer (in and around Vienna)
Locksmith (in and around Vienna)

Lehrbachgasse 2
1120 Vienna
T +43 50 626-1701



In the last few days there have been problems with the IT infrastructure of PORR. Your contacts are almost completely accessible again. In case of any problems, please contact the reception at +43 50 626 0.